Naked God: The Temptress

Even tho' the game has title"Naked God" there will not be any mysterious or epic narrative within it. That is the case where you should orient about the 2nd part of the name which is"The Temptress". And if you like brief and plain hentai games made in fantasy design then this huge-chested huntress will tempt you without a doubt like she did with this daring warrior. But looks like they have a problem - they seem to be on some sort of mission and have only 1 minute of time for their funtime. And you'll be the best way to fix this problem as a participant. All you need to do is to switch inbetween different sexual deeds so the bar would pack up fully before the time will run out so you will determine will this courageous warrior success or fail. Hey, can be in this game the God is your participant?

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Tsunade’s Secret

One fantastic cartoon from Pinoytoons. Tsunade asked Shizune to give a letter to Naruto. Do not know the letter is connected to that Tsunade functionality in the woods with some girl that is other.

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WOW Chronicles: Orc vs Elf

Orc leaders know that the elfish queen has a great deal of their energy. All you will need to take it is to fuck her hard and bring that bitch to orgasm. One blessed orc dude Will do with her now:)

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