big bad wolf

Lil Red Hood Forest Victim

The story of Lil Red Hood is well known... but maybe not that anime porn version of it! Our Lil Hood is not little anymore - just look how big her milk cans has growned! Yet she is nevertheless not tought that wolves in the woods can be truly insatiable kinds sometimes. And now she fulfill onlyone of those types! But guess who will play the big bad wolf in this game? You're! So this hot blonde is your plaything - and you'll be able to start with disrobing her down! But remember her clothes are safeguarded by magical... yet there is not any such magic that can't be beaten by winning a minigame! Pick the section of the clothes you want to remove and then quckly cath most of the center icons - do it chosen outfit element will diasappear! And that is only the first-ever of several sexy games that you will play with Lil Red Hood tonight!

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