bar maiden


If you wanted to go to a fantasy tavern with sexy furry friend chick serving you as maiden then that match is right for you. But remember this is fantasy so don't be amazed when you'll see that Miaka - your private pub crab for the day - has huge tits, wet pussy and... large hard cock! Yep, she isn't only some furry friend - she is futanari furry! Game is created from first person perspective. First you might need to play with the dialogue component of this game right - say hello and try to produce a purchase. But looks like you will not receive your drink tonight since you made Miaka overly horny! You don't actually have to fuck her in case you don't wish to - you can just sit there and watch her futa cock right on top of the bar rack. But if you prefer furry futas then you should really try all available options...

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